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Request for Proposal

SACCO strengthening Specialist – Kampala, Uganda


Youth Empowerment through Agriculture (YETA) project is a five-year MasterCard Foundation funded project from March 2015 to May 2020. The project targets out of school youth between 15 and 24 years that are either unemployed or under employed. The project is implemented in 4 districts of northern and mid-western Uganda – Kiryandongo, Masindi, Dokolo, and Kole. The aim of the project is to support these youth establish sustainable agricultural enterprises both on and off the farm.

By project end (adjusting for attrition), YETA will connect 20,000 youth in northern Uganda to a sustained source of income and will benefit 100,000 indirect beneficiaries. Through trainings and continued mentorship, youth will see a 60% increase in crop yields, a 70% increase in income, and a 50% increase in incomes of youth off farm businesses.

YETA’s specific program objectives are:

  • YAs are formed and strengthened
  • YA members have improved well-being and confidence through enhanced foundational skills
  • YA members have access to increased financial services; and
  • YA members develop the technical and entrepreneurial skills to launch their businesses—are met through an innovative approach called “Learn, Engage, Build,” which builds foundational and technical skills and creates a sustainable system for long-term support as youth manage their businesses.

Scope and Purpose

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is aimed at soliciting proposals from consultants/organizations qualified individuals interested in strengthening and capacity building Ayer youth SACCO in Kole District and Adeknino youth SACCO in Dokolo for YETA project in Uganda. The terms of reference calls for a seasoned Consultants/organizations with demonstrated abilities to designing training curriculum for SACCOs, train and together with SACCO leaders develop manuals that guide SACCO operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

The selected consultant will implement the following activities:

  • Why the SACCO model?
  • Develop a training curriculum for Ayer SACCO in Kole and Adeknino in Dokolo District
  • Conduct Good governance training to members of the Board
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Loan Management
  • Asset Liability Management
  • Savings Mobilisation
  • Support Ayer and Adeknino SACCOs In developing  5 year Strategy and Plan
  • Support SACCO develop the following manuals:
  1. Credit policy and procedures
  2. Finance and accounting
  3. Governance manual.


The consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables. All deliverables must be approved by NCBA CLUSA.

  1. Inception report: Before starting training, the consultant will submit an inception report for approval by NCBA CLUSA. The inception report will contain a plan for capacity building of Ayer and Adeknino SACCOs, with a description and schedule for all activities. This should be 2 days after award.
  2. Training curriculum/content for the two SACCOs
  3. Five year Strategic plan  for the two SACCOs– both soft and  2 hard copies
  • Facilitate a strategic review workshop for members of the Board and management with appropriate tools of analysis to identify focus areas, harmonize the various views and to come up with strategic objective and strategies take the SACCOs forward in the next five years.
  • Drafting of the first draft of the Strategic Plan.
  • Work with the Accountant of the SACCO to prepare financial projections.
  • Presenting the draft Strategic Plan to the board and other committees for input and comments.
  • Incorporating the inputs and comments into the draft strategic plan
  • The consultant shall submit a final strategic plan in soft and hard copy to Management of the SACCO.
  1. Manuals – These will be in soft and 2 hard copies of each of the following:
  1. Policy and procedure manuals for Governance,
  • Carrying out a review of existing literature and processes.
  • Conduct meetings with SACCO stakeholders (Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Management staff to understand the SACCO needs.
  • Drafting the first drafts of the manuals.
  • Presenting manual to stakeholders.
  • Incorporating stake holder recommendations and preparation of final policy and procedures manuals

b) Credit policy and procedures and

c) Finance and Accounting Manual.

Period of Performance

This activity will be disjointed. The assignment is planned to take place between October 7th,2019  to  7th  November  2019,  The assignment will be in Kole district, Ayer sub county and Dokolo district Adeknino  sub county with a total LOE not to exceed 23 days.

 Payment terms   

The Consultancy fees will be paid in 3 instalments. The first one upon signing the contract, the other mid-way of the assignment and the rest of the payments shall be paid upon completion and submission of deliverable for each activity.

Interested individuals should provide technical proposals of no more than ten (8) pages, single spaced text and graphics, exclusive of their curriculum vitae (CV), Applicants are must provide recent samples of his/her work as proof of their experience in similar assignments, a cover letter with their daily rate and a CV to no later than September 27, 2019. 5.00pm EAT.