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YETA unlocks a teenager’s potential

YETA unlocks a teenager’s potential

YETA’s brain teasing trainings in entrepreneurship and financial literacy have enabled 16 year-old Opolo Brian develop strong ambition and aspire to become a rich farmer in Alito sub-county Kole district. After joining Lobo Wire Youth Association in December 2015, Brian went through various trainings including Agro Entrepreneurship which challenged him to start a small enterprise. He thereafter invested his labor and 20,000 UGX to establish an acre of soybean on their family land.

To date Brian has harvested 250 kgs most of which he sold and earned 466,000 UGX ($130). Part of the soybeans was replanted in August 2017.  As an orphan, Brian says that his investment into soybean has enabled him to occasionally support his guardian in taking care of the family expenses like medical bills.

Brian (in yellow T-shirt in photo) plans to buy two goats and a brand-new bicycle as part of celebrations to mark his 17th birthday in a couple of weeks.  This is part of his dream as illustrated during the visioning training.

According to the YETA Regional Coordinator Oliver Okello “…with ongoing mentorship Brian will soon consider buying certified seeds.”