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YETA Enables Kiryandongo Youth To Make Money On And Off Farm

YETA Enables Kiryandongo Youth To Make Money On And Off Farm

After the YETA financial literacy training, 23-year-old Ongol Sunday of Ribeber youth group in Kiryandongo district started to plant 6 acres of maize every season.  After harvesting the maize, he stocks it and uses it to raise capital for his produce buying business.

To date, Sunday has 6 acres of maize in the field and expects over 80 bags after harvest worth about 8,000,000 UGX (2,285 USD). Having stocked and sold over 5 tons last season, Sunday bought a small piece of land and established a piggery farm. He has already bought 2 local breed pigs that he will cross breed with the camborough breed supplied to their YA by       YETA. Sunday also rears local chicken.  “I have very many hens that I cannot count right now but they are over 30 and I plan to start selling towards Christmas,” Sunday says.

When asked about how he manages to plough over 5 acres, Sunday says, “As a young farmer, I acquired some 2 pairs of oxen that I use for ploughing my garden but also for hire to raise money.”

He is also a known CBSP being an agent or middle man in produce buying and selling where he earns a commission. The young entrepreneur says he started business with capital of 1,000,000 UGX (285 USD) received from his maize harvest in January 2016. He saves money with his YA VSLA.

Currently, he stays in a makeshift house on his own land – a plot he bought this year. With current total savings of 2,000,000 UGX (570 USD), Sunday plans to start construction of a permanent residential house in 2018.