National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA Uganda


The UGANDA CONSERVATIVE FARMING INITIATIVE (UCFI) was implemented in partnership with reputable private sector actors including; Mukwano Group of Companies, Balton Uganda Ltd, Nalweyo Seed Company (NASECO), Masindi Seed Company and several Area Cooperative Enterprises (ACE’s). The major purpose was to promote Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices, post-harvest handling and create efficient market systems within 60,000 small holder farmers in 13 districts of northern and Mid – Western Uganda.
The beneficiary farmers realized a 45% increase in yield on their CSA plots and access to better input and output markets.

Between 2014 and 2016, CLUSA Uganda implemented a two year project in partnership with Purdue University to promote Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) hermetic storage bags.

This was done to over 175,000 farmers across 22 districts in the major cereal and pulses production areas. The project registered 15% adoption rate among targeted farmers.

To date, NCBA CLUSA together with Reproductive Health Uganda and Youth Alive Uganda is implementing Youth Empowerment Through Agriculture (Y.E.T.A) project worth $11.4 million in partnership with mastercard foundation.